Commercial Short-Term Sales

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Persons who are engaged in commercial short-term sales must first obtain their license from the City prior to engaging in such activity.

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Any person engaged in Commercial Short-Term Sales must first obtain a Temporary Business License prior to commencing operations. Temporary Business Licenses for Commercial Short-Term Sales are valid for 180 days for seasonal sales and between April 15 through November 15 for outdoor cafes.   Each license shall be renewed annually.  All other Temporary Business Licenses for Commercial Short-Term Sales shall be issued for a period not to exceed 30 consecutive days, up to a maximum issuance of 2 such licenses to one person in a calendar year.

What are Commercial Short-Term Sales?

A Commercial Short-Term Sale is any commercial activity conducted outside on a seasonal basis, including the display of goods and outdoor cafes.

What are the step to obtain a Commercial Short-Term Sales License?

  1. Submit Completed Commercial Short-Term Sales Application (below)
  2. Business Meeting (if applicable) - Community Development Staff will schedule a meeting with your business to learn about your operations. We will also discuss zoning, fees and any potential concerns.
  3. Inspection - A passing inspection is required by one or more City departments.
  4. Payment of Fee - An invoice will be emailed to the applicant for the payment of fees, which are payable immediately.
  5. Business License Issued - Upon passing the inspection, approval of the application and payment of fees, the license will be issued. Commencement of commercial/sales activities prior to the issuance of the license is not permitted unless specifically granted by the Community Development Department.

If you have any questions contact Community Development Staff at (630) 766-5133 or at

Business Information

Business Owner's Name, Address, Phone Number and E-Mail
Business Owner's Name, Address, Phone Number and E-Mail
Detailed Description of Business Activities (include information on goods for sale, proposed duration of sales, hours of operations)
Site Plan must be submitted that shows the proposed layout of the sales area and demonstrates compliance with Sec. 17.502.A.7 of the City Code

Property Information

Address (of property where sales will occur)
Property Owner's Name, Address, Phone Number and E-Mail
Property Owner's Name, Address, Phone Number and E-Mail
A signed letter from the property owner must be submitted showing approval for the use of the property for commercial short-term sales use.
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