Parkway Trees

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General Overview

The City of Wood Dale understands the importance trees lend to beautify our neighborhoods and lend value to our home.  Trees conserve energy, help clean the air, protect rivers and streams, and provide a habitat for wildlife.  Parkways trees are owned and maintained by the City of Wood Dale.  The parkway is the area between the edge of the existing paved street or curb and the property line or the edge of the sidewalk.

Removal and Replacement Parkway Tree Program

If a parkway tree appears sick or diseased, contact the Department of Public Works as soon as possible at 630-350-3530. A certified arborist will examine the tree and advise what steps should be taken to care for the tree. The city does not spray pesticides on parkway trees. If a parkway tree dies, the city will remove it, grind out the stump and plant a replacement tree if possible at no charge.  Replacement trees will only be planted in the parkway if there is space available and not in a prohibited location.  Only city-approved trees may be planted in parkways.   

For more information on spacing and prohibited locations, please see the City Ordinance on Planting Parkway Trees in Sec. 6.705.   


Systematic trimming and pruning shall be carried out in accordance with the pruning standards of the National Arborists Association.  Contact the Department of Public Works at 630-350-3530 if a parkway tree is overhanging and is in need to trimming.     

For more information, contact the Department of Public Works, 720 North Central Avenue, call 630 350-3530 or visit Chapter Six Article VII Trees and Shrubs on Public Property in our  City Ordinance