Street Lights

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Request for Street Lights

Residents may petition for street lights to be installed on their block. The threshold for the petition shall incorporate at least a 25% affirmative response rate from that block (i.e. if there are 10 homes, 3 must sign petition).

Once the petition has been submitted staff will survey the entire block to gauge the interest of all residents in moving forward. If there is a consensus (i.e. 6 out of the 10 homes responded affirmatively, no response shall count as a no) for installation amongst the majority (51%) of the block Public Works will research the cost as well as feasibility of installation (are there utility conflicts that prevent installation of poles or wiring ducts, are we able to obtain easements, are there funds available, is there power present to hook up the lights). Public Works Staff will also consult with the Police Department on the need for lighting in the area.


Once this information has been compiled it will be presented to the City Council for approval or denial.

Residential Street Light Spacing Guidelines
Below are the general guidelines for spacing of new street lights installed by the Public Works Department in Residential Areas within the City of Wood Dale.

Ornamental Poles and Decorative Fixtures

  • Maximum spacing should not exceed 150 ft where possible and practical

Aluminum Poles and LED Cobra head Fixtures

  • For Local and minor collector roadways maximum spacing shall not exceed 300 ft where possible
  • For Dead Ends, Cul- De- Sacs and other low traffic roads spacing shall be at the discretion of the Public Works Department but should typically not exceed 400 ft. unless extenuating circumstances exist (i.e. utility conflicts, easement conflicts, available spacing.)

If you see any City or Com-Ed lights that are not working, contact the Public Works Department and report it at, 630-350-3530.

Lighting Guidelines

The spacing of poles and luminaires is influenced by the location of utility poles, fire hydrants, buried utilities, block lengths, trees, immovable signage, property lines, roadway geometrics, and driveway locations.

All poles shall be set back no less than 2 feet behind the curb. All street lights shall be on side of the street unless it is determined impractical to do so by the Director of Public Works or his designee.

Use of Photo Cells
Photo cells shall be used in all situations to control the lighting unless it is determined impractical to do so by the Director of Public Works or his designee.

Ornamental Poles and Decorative Fixtures
Sternberg Prairie fixture (LED) with a Fort Collins base and a fluted shaft

Aluminum Poles and LED Cobra head Fixtures

  • Typical Pole Height shall 25 ft with an 8ft arm, if a series of poles are already in place that do not match this standard it shall be at the discretion of the Director of Public Works or his designee to match the existing lighting system .
  • Helix bases are preferred over direct burial or concrete.

Duct Type
1” duct shall be used unless otherwise noted, direct burial of cable will not be permitted under any circumstances

Wiring Type
3-1/C number 6 copper wiring shall be used.